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Plans for 'blonde-only island' in the Maldives

A LITHUANIAN company has revealed plans to set up a holiday island in the Maldives run entirely by blondes.

Olialia (pronounced "Ooh-la-la") hopes to lure tourists with its blonde staff and says it will even offer flights to the island with a blonde-only crew - including pilots, the BBC reported.

Olialia's managing director Giedre Pukiene says the resort will prove that blonde women are just as intelligent as everyone else.

"Our girls are very smart and they have degrees," Md Pukiene said.

"All of them want to do something with their lives. They have lots of business ideas."

However the resort, scheduled to open in 2015, has already come under fire.

"This is racist and should not be allowed in the Maldives," wrote one reader identified as Ablo on the Maldivian new website Minivan.

The company may find it difficult to employ only blondes, as legally resorts in the Maldives are required to hire at least 50 per cent local staff.

However Ms Pukiene says her company does not discriminate and welcomes all applicants, regardless of their gender, age, ethnicity or hair colour.

Olialia is a growing business making products from computer software to music and its advertisements feature blonde women.

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