Planning ... the resort is what all of the business is blonde women serve in the Maldives

This morning commute, we achieved the shortest time record of Door to Door. There in the buttocks leaving the home with a margin a few minutes of to the nearest station, but first jumped to the usual two before the train at the nearest station, up to Shibuya sitting. Safe slide into usual three before the metro in Shibuya Station, here was also sit properly. Ginza Station transfer is also no waiting, two of waiting for a signal from out on the ground also means that 0, loss time in total became the supernatural commuters that less than one minute. In, it is why was a great achievement that usually 8 minutes shorter than. Well, princess have passed two weeks after returning home to enjoy the beach resort, in the Maldives, tourists, and will especially gain more male customers, it seems to be a new project begins. (Hereinafter, HEAVEN than)

"Lithuania company, an island country in the Indian Ocean, in the Maldives, was revealed that all of the work you plan to blonde women seek" paradise "

are you planning to paradise ? "Olialia (reading is" Urara "Dasou)" in Lithuania of venture companies that are working to music from the software of the computer that, so far in the ad blonde woman has been appointed as well.

Attempts of this plan is in the Maldives, all up to the pilot and crew to the island as a paradise served blonde woman is, to attract tourists favorite blonde. Although blonde jokes that ridiculed a blonde woman of Baltic languages has been around and out of many, the Board of Directors of Olialia, according to the story of Giedre Pukiene "in this resort, as the blond woman is not in any way take the sink even compared with other women I understand that to prove that a good head ".

Although this all blonde open of women by the resort has been the 2015, to the resort in the Maldives, which requires 50% of the local staff employment, and also as voiced that racism early is. "

Although the Maldives is I think or not that most tourists of a couple, bought the antipathy from the woman to the blonde beauty, wonder if the increase in tourists not it is not very effective, and without permission to imagine from the outfield There are in and have gluteal.

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