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Plan for blondes-only island resort

A Lithuanian company is planning to open a resort in the Maldives staffed entirely by blonde women.

The BBC reports that Lithuania's Olialia (pronounced 'oh-la-la') plans to attract tourists by creating a resort staffed by blondes, with direct flights on board planes that also have a blonde crew.

The company plans to open the resort in 2015.

However, the plan may run afoul of the Maldives local laws, which require resorts to have a minimum of 50 per cent of staff hired locally. Maldivians naturally have dark hair.

Olialia's Giedre Pukiene told local tourism magazine Maldives Traveller that the resort would feature hotels, entertainment and spa centres.

“Other important things - like an education centre called 'Pretty Women' - will teach female guests to always be perfect and look great,” she said.

She said the company did not discriminate against non-blondes, but claimed employees often reached for the bleach after spending so much time among their blonde colleagues.

The Olialia company is already staffed by blonde women and has a growing business empire, including interests in music, computer software and food products.

Its advertising regularly features beautiful blonde women portrayed as intellectuals or corporate high flyers. While Olialia has been criticised for sexism, the BBC reports the company expects to double its profits this year to $A9.7 million.

Lithuanian neighbour Latvia has also used blonde power as a marketing exercise, creating a blonde parade and attempting to have May 31 declared 'International Blondes Day'.

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