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OlialiaGoldenEgg Launch ~ 16th June 2018 at Verma Estate, New Delhi

Olialia Golden Egg Launch was held at the Verma Family Estate, New Delhi on 16th June 2018 which was hosted by Mr. Abhishek Verma, Chief Evangelist Olialia World, and Mrs. Anca Verma Chairperson Olialia World.

The party was attended by close friends, celebrities, business associates and international guests from Lithuania, Romania and Britain.

Saxophonist from Ukraine entertained the guests with her enthralling tunes till wee hours of the morning and DJ Maddy kept belting out popular House and EDM numbers.

The party concluded with the host Abhishek Verma’s ceremonial champagne spray on all the guests!

Olialia Golden Eggs is a Ceramic Grill based technology that makes food taste better as ceramic walls act as an insulator to convert meats as incredibly juicy and tender. The Grill uses 100% natural lump charcoal, which infuses true charcoal flavor like cooking over a wood fire. Metal conductors radiate heat which can pull the moisture out of the food and briquette charcoal contains additives like borax, starch, sawdust from waste lumber.

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