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Olialia World Launches New Website, Mega Projects Line-Up With Billions of Investments

Olialia World launches their new website, revealed mega projects with investments of more than US$ 5 billion globally.

European Multinational Giant Olialia World has launched their revamped website today where the consumers can find information and world-class products at a very lucrative price.

After acquiring the European market with more than 85 verticals in 12 countries, Olialia world is now formally entering the Indian market with their FMCG products Olialia Vazir Pan Masala which is now available in the Indian markets.


Olialia World is a global business group with an enterprise value of more than US$ 6 Billion, with projects ranging from international airport to resort islands, FMCG products, banking solution, music and fashion.

Olialia Maldives Island & Resorts
Olialia Maldives Island & Resorts

Olialia Maldives Island and Resorts opening are planned for the year 2020. According to the project plan of the resort, the shape of the island will resemble a woman’s high heeled shoes. There will be a number of five star hotels (at first, there will be 61 villas, and in the future, the number of rooms will increase to 500), several restaurants, a nightclub, a beauty salon and spa centers, the centre of harmony and psychology, a marina, a boardwalk, a mall and a helipad on the island. All the buildings will comply with the spirit and the worldview of the empowered women.

Olialia Maldives International Airport 

The Government of the Republic of Maldives, represented by the Ministry of Tourism, Velanage, Male has offered Olialia India – a global conglomerate to develop, construct and operate international Maldives airport on BOT (Build, Operate, Transfer) basis for 50 years.

The International Airport shall be developed on existing Fushifaru Island land and reclaimed land from Fushifaru lagoon (Shaviyani Atoll, Upper North Province of Maldives). The government of the Republic of Maldives has agreed that International Airport built on Fushifaru Lagoon will be named as “Olialia International Airport Maldives”.

Olialia brand is operating in 85 business sectors: such products as Olialia Cola, Olialia Cola, Olialia ice cream, Olialia Restaurants, Olialia Pizza, Olialia Computers, Olialia Fashion, Olialia Music Group, Olialia Limousines, and Olialia Beauty Clinic are marked by the Olialia brand.

In 2018 Olialia has launched in India and neighboring countries, Olialia Cola, Olialia Vodka, Olialia Cigarettes, Olialia Cigars, Olialia Debit Cards, Olialia Ready to Eat Foods, Olialia Nightclubs, Olialia Events, Olialia Calendars, and Olialia Theme Parks.

“For a small country like Lithuania, such results are simply fantastic, therefore, we decided to expand our operations worldwide. We challenge Richard Branson, the founder of the famous Virgin Group, and say that in 10-15 years, using our know-how, we will create a business empire that will be bigger in scale than ‘Virgin’ success”, Anca Verma(Chairperson Olialia World) said.


On their official website Olialia World, you can visit and buy some interesting and amazing luxurious products, even though the bookings are OFFLINE, but orders can be placed globally via email and hotline.

For more information, click here to visit and explore their website.

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