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Olialia Vazir Pan Masala Ready To Rock Indian Market

Updated: Oct 25, 2018

Olialia Vazir Pan Masala” is ready for its commerical rollout on Dusshera 19th of October 2018

International FMCG brand Olialia World is ready to boom Indian market by launching their Pan Masala brand Olialia Vazir Pan Masala on the occassion of Dushehra 19th October 2018.

Long wait has now come to an end for those who want something new taste with Mouth fresheners because this luxury European brand is known for their unique and up-market ranking worldwide.

Synonymous to luxury, this $6 Billion valued Multi National luxury brand Olialia World has developed Olialia Vazir Pan Masala after thorough research and development process in India and Lithuania, has been tested by Pan Masala aficionados and found it superior in taste and consumer experience than its nearest rival the leading Rajnigandha brand Pan Masala which is currently the market leader globally.

According to a recent Market Research, the Indian Pan Masala market reached a value of US$ 36.5 Crores in 2016 and is further expected to reach nearly US$ 90 Crores by 2022. The strong growth of the market can be attributed to a number of factors. As pan masala has been traditionally popular in India, it is consumed by all age groups and social classes in the region. Large population along with rising disposable incomes also provide a huge consumer base for pan masala products. Moreover, convenient packaging, easy availability, competitive marketing by manufacturers as well as the shift from tobacco to tobacco-free products have further fuelled the demand for Pan Masala globally. Although it has gained prominence in urban households of India, especially among adolescents, it’s demand is growing faster in rural households.

A closed source from the company Olialia has admitted when asked ‘‘A herb, nut, and seed mixture that is commonly served in India. Pan Masala is most often considered to be an item to aid digestion or used as a breath freshener for use after consuming highly spicy meals. A typical mixture of Olialia Vazir Pan Masala will contain fennel seeds as the base ingredient as well as sugar coated seeds that may include sesame, fennel, and coriander seeds. Mint leaves, cardamom, powdered lime, pure menthol, catechu, betel nuts, areca nuts, and other flavorings may also be added to the mixture. When eaten following a meal, chewing the ingredients releases flavors that are refreshing to the mouth and digestive system.”

Olialia Chairperson and Global Brand Ambassador Anca Verma savoured the taste of the first batch of “Olialia Vazir Pan Masala” three days ahead of its commerical rollout on Dusshera 19th of October 2018 and the video was posted on her official facebook page

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