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Olialia Vazir Pan Masala Distributors Meet Held in Karntaka.

Olialia Vazir Pan Masala organized regional and district level seminar and workshop for distributors in Karnataka.

The seminar was conducted by the senior sales manager Olialia Nitin Surma and Karnataka State Distributor K C Veerendra at Chitradurga, Karnataka who presented Vazir Pan Masala and other confectionary products from Olialia World to the district level dealers.

Olialia Vazir Pan Masala is being manufactured with technical knowledge from Gutka King JM Joshi who has blended the perfume for Olialia Vazir Pan Masala.

Chairman of Olialia World, Philanthropist Abhishek Verma and his wife Anca Verma stated to the media, "We are optimistic about the sales exercise being done in Karnataka.''

Olialia conceptualized the idea of selling Rolls Royce of Pan Masala at the price of Maruti into making premium Pan Masala segment available to affordable class consumers of Pan Masala in India without compromising on the quality of the product or its packaging.

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