Olialia Vazir is leading the Pan Masala Market in the Maldives

Newly arrived Olialia Vazir Pan Masala in the Maldives,is among the popular Pan Masala brand since it is formally launched.

Olialia Vazir Pan Masala has started its commercial rollout in the Maldives, after its official launch on 3rd January 2019 within 2 weeks the sales peaked at the top in demand.

Hitting hard the competitors, the firing sales made Olialia Vazir Pan Masala among the popular brands and in the chart of top 10 demanding Pan Masala brands of 2019 in Maldives.

After their successful launch in India, internationally recognised multinational FMCG corporate Olialia World released their signature brand ''Olialia Vazir'' Pan Masala in the Republic of the Maldives this January and people are actually liking their flavour and taste.

Olialia World is a European multinational giant leading more than 85 verticles known for their luxury lineage globally, this is for the first time they have launched any product at a very affordable price so that it can be reachable in the hands of the middle and lower economic audience and consumers.

Olialia Vazir Pan Masala in the markets of maldives

The Maldives is listed among the top destinations and widely likeable tourist spot, there are numbers of Pan Masala companies selling their products in the Maldives. But, OlialiaVazir Pan Masala is expanding its wings because of their global reputation and unique taste.

Pan Masala is most often considered to be an item to aid digestion or used as a breath freshener for use after consuming highly spicy meals.

A typical mixture of Pan Masala contains fennel seeds as the base ingredient as well as sugar-coated seeds that include sesame, fennel, and coriander seeds. Mint leaves, cardamom, powdered lime, pure menthol, catechu, betel nuts, areca nuts, and other flavourings are also added to the mixture.

Olialia Vazir Pan Masala is being developed by Olialia World after thorough research and development process in India and Lithuania and has been tested by Pan Masala aficionados and found it to be superior in taste and consumer experience than its nearest rival the leading Pan Masala brands which are currently the market leader in the Maldives.

Olialia World is entering with FMCG and by the end of 2020, this company is supposed to run the Hospitality and Aviation industry successfully.

Olialia Island Maldives

Chairperson Anca Verma and Billionaire Industrialist Abhishek Verma own Olialia World.

Olialia brand was born in Lithuania in 2001 from Tomkus Family who nurtured it and it came to be recognised as the top brand Lithuania in a few years. Thereafter in 2011, Verma Family scion Abhishek Verma took it globally by expanding its footprint in India, Maldives, Dubai, Thailand, Russia, UK and other countries.

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