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Olialia Pan Masala now available in Indian market

FMCG brand Olialia World has announced that starting today its much-awaited Vazir Pan Masala is now available in the Indian market.

Currently, the Pan Masala is available at retail sales points in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Chattisgarh and Gujarat respectively.

Three days ago, Olialia Chairperson and Global Brand Ambassador Anca Verma had rolled out its Pan Masala officially after savouring the taste of the first batch.

The blend and fragrance of Olialia Vazir Pan Masala have been formulated by JM Joshi who is the master blender of Manikchand and Goa Gutka.

As pan masala has been traditionally popular in India, it is consumed by all age groups and social classes in the region. Large population along with rising disposable incomes also provide a huge consumer base for pan masala products.

Olialia Pan Masala part of Olialia World a 40,000 crore European Group whose manufacturing facilities globally are owned by Billionaire Industrialist Abhishek Verma.

The FMCG brand is also planning to expand its sales and distribution footprint to 10 other states in a few weeks.

USP of Olialia Vazir Pan Masala

Olialia conceptualised the idea of selling Rolls Royce at the price of Maruti into making premium Pan Masala available to lover of Pan Masala in India at the price of regular pan masala.

Idea turned into reality:

  1. Olialia presents Vazir in exquisite packaging better then premium category Pan Masala even in look and cost.

  2. Olialia Pan masala made of same premium ingredients used by premium Pan Masla but sold at price of regular Pan Masala

  3. Pan Masala lovers get the same premium product available at higher price without paying extra for it.

  4. Olialia Pan masala is a mixture of international know-how used in traditional manner by Guru of Pan Masala making, Mr Joshi who holds the secret of making Pan Masala from his ancestors.

  • Taste and Aroma of the Olialia will intrigue Pan Masala lovers.

  • Olialia is here to fascinate Pan Masala lovers forever

  • Sitaron ki Pasand tagline with an aggressive advertising campaign featuring blonde models and a famous Bollywood actor.

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