Olialia investment in Maldives involves HOPE OF DEVELOPMENT FOR MALDIVIANS

Updated: Oct 25, 2018

Maldivian government invited Olialia India Pvt Ltd to submit the formal proposal to construct an international airport in the island nation. The letter issued on 4th October 2017 requests the corporation to provide a plan to execute the project of constructing and operating “Olialia international airport Maldives” in the country for 50 years on build and transfer basis. The news has gone viral on the social media and even on the mainstream media since Olialia world has published the letter on its Facebook page. The ruling party has responded to the media criticisms over the planned project shortly following the new.

Olialia Group is a Lithuanian multinational business organisation operating mainly in Europe until recently. However, the group is expanding in India under the business name Olialia India. Olialia manly deals with beverages, entertainment, lifestyle, travel, banking, food & real-estate. The company is expanding further into the aviation and tourism as well. Anca Verma, former miss universe Romania and wife of the Indian billionaire Abhishek Verma, as the chairperson leads both the Olialia World and Olialia India. The group have several hundreds of partners and associates around the globe promoting more than 80 different verities. Crystal Edge Group is the Exclusive Business Partner of Olialia in Maldives.

Crystal Edge Group, the Exclusive Business Partner of Olialia in Maldives, says that the planned project is valued at more than $500 million, 100% of which will be invested by the Olialia with no financial burden of any form on the state. According to the country partner, the project is expected to create more than 5000 new jobs for the country’s youth and will bring thousands of tourists to the nation annually. “Olialia’s investment in Maldives involves nothing unusual. It is a regular business concern just like any other foreign investment in the country; actually, a better one as we don’t even demand a sovereign guarantee” said Mr Ibrahim Khaleel, Executive Director of Crystal Edge Group in the first ever public expression of the group regarding the deal. https://alinazeer.com/olialia-investment-in-maldives-involves-nothing-unusual-says-country-partner-2/

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