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Olialia Cola advertising among most innovative worldwide

The advertising campaign of the soft drink Olialia Cola is the first Lithuanian advertising campaign which has been included into a hundred of the most innovative world advertising campaigns by Cream, the only online subscription intelligence service that indexes and analyses the world's media and marketing innovations for global advertisers, agencies and media vendors.

Based in London UK, Cream's editorial team uses 250 spotters from around the world that feed into Cream's library of over 2,500 case studies from more than 100 countries. The content is underpinned with innovation news, analysis, 10 in-depth reports over the year, plus the shortlisted and winning entries from The Festival of Media Awards. The book No Apples: 100 Other Top Innovators discusses the advertising campaign of Olialia Cola and the products with the drink'si taste, Cream dessert and sweets. Besides Olialia, the book presents many well-known brands: Intel, Financial Times, Virgin Galactic, Philips, Ikea, Amazon, Nike, Google, Red Bull, Pedigree, Kodak, BBC, Volkswagen, Guinness, Pepsi, Adidas.

"We analyze thousands of media, marketing and business solutions and we see that an innovative and creative approach is the most valuable in advertising. Such companies are most successful in practice. We have noticed Olialia and their soft drink Olialia Cola for the original approach to the positioning of a non-alcoholic beverage. We have been surprised at the number of markets that Olialia has entered so far," Editor of Cream Olivia Solon said.

According to Giedre Pukiene, the Olialia brand manager, the evaluation of Cream is the most important and the most pleasing one, considering the fact that no Lithuanian company succeeded in achieving such global recognition and interest before Olialia.

The manager said that in the short run Olialia would launch four or five food products and had plans of entering the non-food sector. "Our long term goal is to select the best products, to produce an integrated package of the brand name and products and to offer it as a franchise in the neighbouring markets," Pukiene said.

Presently, Olialia Group includes the project Olialia girls and the model agency Olialia Models, the band Olialia Pupytes, the parties Olialia Party, the Olialia beauty clinic, the discount programme Maestro Olialia, the soft drink Olialia Cola, the Olialia Cola ice Cream, the Cream dessert and sweets, Olialia pizzeria, the transport vehicles for rent Olialia Limo and Olialia Party Bus, and the annual calendar of the daily Vakaro Zinios.

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