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Olialia Beverages Plant Setup In India

Olialia COLA, WATER and Energy Drink Line is ready to hit Indian market this year. Olialia is an European FMCG brand of Indian Business Tycoon Mr Abhishek Verma and his wife Anca Verma,Chairperson of Olialia World

Billionaire Mr Abhishek Verma  is getting into the cola and food business by bringing Lithuanian Olialia brand to the country under the ‘Make in India’ initiative.

Olialia is an European FMCG multinational giant with more than 85 projects worldwide is now ready to hit Indian markets with their exotic and amazing product lineage here in India.

Indian beverage market is a fast growing market in Asia which was valued at USD 3663.7 Million in 2017 and Is expected to reach USD 4626.1 Million by the end of 2022, growing at a CAGR 4.5 per cent. Making the market competition even more tough, Olialia World is reaching the Indian market this year with a huge investment boosters and setting up their ventures in various sectors by introducing Olialia Vazir Pan Masala and Olialia Cola into Indian market.

Indian Business Tycoon Mr Abhishek Verma and his wife Mrs Anca Verma, Chairperson of Olialia World are optimistic about hitting the Indian markets with their versatile and exotic product lineage.

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