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No Joke: Blondes Building Blonde Resort

Lithuanian firm wants fair-haired mecca in Maldives

Blonde ambition or blatant racism? That's the question surrounding a Lithuanian firm's plans to build a blonde resort in the Maldives. The property will be staffed, of course, by blondes—leaving locals to wonder if non-whites will be excluded, notes the BBC, "This is racist and should not be allowed in the Maldives," one observer says.

Not so, insist the project's (blonde) promoters: "When women with dark hair work here, they are surrounded by all these beautiful blondes, so eventually they end up going blonde, too.” Um, great? And, they say, the business will break barriers by battling that most cruel of stereotypes: dumb blonde. "Our girls are very smart." (Click here to read about another resort job: honeymoon tester.)

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