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Island to be staffed exclusively by blondes

An island in the Maldives will be staffed exclusively by blondes if a scheme by Lithuanian firm Olialia gets the green light.

Olialia (pronounced ‘Ooh La La’) is hoping that by opening a resort in the exotic Indian Ocean destination staffed entirely by fair-haired women, they can dispel the stereotype that blondes are ‘less intelligent’.

To this end, their plans include an education centre, where the secrets of ‘how to always be perfect and look great’ will be passed on to female guests, an airline and yacht service staffed only by blondes, including the pilots – and other standard holiday services.

The company already operates dozens of blonde-themed businesses in Europe, including computer software and pop music ventures, and plans to open the blonde-staffed resort in the Maldives – a chain of 1,200 islands – by 2015.

Olialia’s (blonde) managing director, Giedre Pukiene, says her plans for the blonde-staffed paradise getaway are part of her long-term goal to prove that blonde women are a bunch of clever-clogs.

She said: ‘Our girls are very smart and they have degrees. All of them want to do something with their lives. They have lots of business ideas.

’ Tourist officials in the Maldives are backing the unusual plan, although it does risk angering some conservative sections of the Muslim country. The country’s employment laws must also be overcome, which stipulate that 50 per cent of staff must be local.

Still, if Olialia really does contain so many smart people, it’s bound to find a way to make it work. At least, that’s what thousands of single men will no doubt be hoping.

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