Olialia group sales doubled In Lithuania

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

Olialia brand stood at more than 11.7 million litas (3.38 euros)
Olialia brand stood at more than 11.7 million litas (3.38 euros)

The sales of goods and services marked by the Olialia brand stood at more than 11.7 million litas (3.38 euros) – a more than double increase as compared to 5.7 million litas (1.65 euros) Last year In Lithuania.

According to Head of the Olialia brand Giedre Pukiene, by introducing new products and successfully cooperating with leaders of several Lithuanian industry branches, the group succeeded in reaching a bigger than 100% growth in sales, writes ELTA/LETA.

"Last year Olialia introduced as many as 8 new products, out of which soft drink Olialia Cola was most successful and was followed by ice cream of the same flavour, natural curd desserts and sweets. All the products were produced in cooperation with leaders of their branches, ensuring the highest quality," said Pukiene.

According to her, not only huge interest of the foreign markets, but also the awareness of the Olialia brand, that increased by 15% last year, greatly influenced the increase in sales. "Innovative advertising and marketing solutions led to the fact that the awareness of the Olialia brand grew up to 81.8%. A record 99.3% of 20-29 year old respondents indicated to know the Olialia brand," said Pukiene. Olialia trademark belongs to the company Respublikos leidiniai. Such products as Olialia Cola, Olialia Cola Ledai, italian food restaurants Olialia pizza, Olialia Computers, Olialia Aksesuarai, internet portal Olialia.lt, music brand Olialia Pupytes, luxuriuos limousines Olialia Limo, Olialia Limo and Olialia beauty clinic are marked by the Olialia brand.

Olialia brand is operating in 75 business sectors.

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