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Former Miss Lithuania Gifted Rare French Champagne To Billionaires Abhishek Verma And Anca Verma

Updated: Oct 25, 2018

Billionaire Abhishek Verma and Anca Verma received exquisite French champagne from the Former Miss Lithuania Reda Karosiene during her India visit.

It is already in the news that the Former Miss Lithuania who is famously known for being the jury member of “Mrs. Universe” pageant and Chairperson of “Miss Prestige World” contest is on her India tour where she was hosted by the famous billionaire power-couple Philanthropist Abhishek Verma and Anca Verma former Miss Universe Romania.

The Billionaire couple Abhishek and Anca Verma are ready to launch their European brand “Olialia” in India with FMCG products with Olialia branding such as cigarettes, pan masala, chewing tobacco, alcoholic beverages, Cola, mineral water and energy drinks, all of which will be in the market by the end of this year. The company expects sales revenues of $350 million in the first year itself from these verticals.

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