Exotic resort expected to employ only blonde women

Lithuanian company Olialia (pronounced ooh-la-la) thinks gentlemen do, in fact, prefer blondes—and not just gentlemen, but everyone. Enough people, in fact, that they plan to open an entire resort staffed by nothing but blonde women.

The planned destination would be in the Maldive islands, located in the Indian Ocean, and guests would arrive by flying on a special airline staffed only by more blonde women.

A spokesperson for the company says the resort would include the usual accommodations, like hotels, spas, and entertainment. It would also include an education center called “Pretty Women,” which Olialia’s managing director Giedre Pukiene told the Maldives Traveler would “teach female guests to always be perfect and look good.”

Pukiene herself is a blonde, which perhaps isn’t surprising. The company’s home of Lithuania is one of the blondest countries on earth. In fact, all of Olialia’s employees have golden locks—even if they didn’t start that way.

“We find that when women with dark hair work here,” Pukiene says, “they are surrounded by all these beautiful blondes, so eventually they end up going blonde, too.”

But all this perfection has some people concerned. It wasn’t too long ago that the idea of creating a land filled with nothing but beautiful, hard-bodied blonde people was considered racist. In fact, it was kind of a sticking point back in World War II. You may recall.

Some people are still drawing that parallel today, calling Olialia’s planned resort racist or, at the very least, sexist.

According to Maldavian media, local resorts are required to have a percentage of Maldavian employees. Olialia hasn’t said if it will require brunette or red-haired employees to dye their hair.

The company says it plans to open the resort in 2015.


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