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Chief Evangelist Abhishek Verma Visits India Islamic Research Centre

Abhishek Verma visits India Islamic Cultural Centre, New Delhi to meet the Chairman and Board Members.

Billionaire-Philanthropist Abhishek Verma was invited for high tea at India Islamic Cultural Centre, New Delhi by the Chairman of the Board Sirajuddin Qureshi and Trustees of the center along with Entrepreneur Muhammad Yasar on October 27, 2018.

This formal meeting came into limelight when the images and details were shared on his official Twitter handle, a trending discussion heated among many radical groups of politicians and nationalists. Strong believer of Secularism, Abhishek involved in social-cultural activities including providing financial aids to many startups, poor and marginalized communities of all religion. He installed over 150 electric wells to supply the underprivileged community with abundant potable water, established medical clinics, started mid-day meal schemes for school going children and through celebrity charity events raised funds for cancer treatment equipment for the local hospitals and donated funds to the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund and to victims of Earthquakes and for burn victims in India through ‘Shrikant Verma Charitable Trust’ a foundation set up in the memory of his late father.

A few months back, Abhishek Verma has also attended event Jashn-E-Aazadi Mushaira in Deobandh district of Uttar Pradesh and also addressed the mammoth gathering of scholars of Deoband’s Darul Uloom University and Shayari lovers as well as the shayars about the rich cultural heritage of Deoband and how important the city is for North India.

Hailing from a political background family, Abhishek’s father late Shrikant Verma was a famous journalist and MP of Rajya Sabha and General Secretary of Congress Party. Shrikant Verma was considered one of the closest advisors of Rajiv Gandhi (Indira Gandhi’s son – who was elected the Prime Minister of India after the assassination of Indira Gandhi in 1984). His mother Veena Verma, served 14 years in the Parliament as a Member of Parliament and the Congress Party as the Vice President of Congress Party responsible for ‘women’s wing (Mahila Congress)’ and served as a parliamentarian for 20 years.

Abhishek Verma’s every step related to social, welfare and society is deeply measured by political groups since he was nominated to contest Lok Sabha parliamentary elections from Congress Party in 1996, which he turned down due to personal reasons.

Because of his social works and contribution to the society, he is having massive support, especially youth follows him the most. There is a sense of insecurity for all the political groups if Abhishek jumps into politics.

Abhishek Verma is an Indian business tycoon popularly known for his large business empire ~ Olialia World, a European Multinational luxury company with 85 business verticles including Cola, Cigarettes, Alcoholic Beverages, Debit Cards, Bollywood Movies & Olialia Music Group for 11 countries including India.

Abhishek’s followers and fans call him ”Trump Of India’‘.

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