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Chairperson Anca Verma view on Women Empowerment at Pushkala Sangeet Kendra Annual Festival

Mrs Anca Verma wife of Indian Business Tycoon Mr Abhishek Verma delivered speech on Women Empowerment and contribution of Olialia World to improve the situation at annual music festival organized by Pushkala Sangeet Kendra, New Delhi.

She explains about Olialia World, one of the reputed European FMCG company with its 85 business vertical across the globe describes how Olialia administration system works on the mechanism of women empowerment worldwide. Olialia stands for a smart business women with experience, ruling over 85 different projects and products. Since its introduction into the European markets, Olialia popularity has grown immensely, providing Olialia with its top-selling signature products and projects in Europe. Its core business areas are Cola & Alcoholic beverages, entertainment, lifestyle, exclusive travel, banking, food & beverages and real-estate. 

Mrs. Anca Verma is the Chairperson of International Business who is also the Global Brand Ambassador of Olialia since circa 2011 onwards. She is credited with launching Olialia brand internationally and for leading the brand into the billion dollars league in financial valuations.

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