British Current Sponge will shoot a film on the business empire of the Lithuanian Blondes Olialia

Updated: Oct 25, 2018

The company Current Sponge, who belongs to Sam Branson, son of the famous billionaire Richard Branson, owner of Virgin, has decided to shoot a film on the business empire of the Lithuanian Blondes Olialia. The documentary film on how the business of Olialia girls developed and began thriving in Lithuania will be a prelude to a major TV show.

The new TV show, broadcasted by the major channels in the United Kingdom, will tell a story how the fair-haired Lithuanian girls are going to build an island of blondes in Maldives, informs LETA/ELTA.

Last weekend, representatives of Sam Branson's Current Sponge visited Lithuania where they filmed Olialia racing team which took part in Omnitel 1,000 Kilometres Race in Palanga town. They also shot a video of Olialia Pupytes music band who gave a concert in the town. All these episodes will become part of the documentary on Olialia business development in Lithuania. "We are fascinated by the achievements of Lithuanian blondes' business. Your business empire Olialia is worth getting in the pages of world's newspapers, therefore we are planning to show every single phase of implementing the Olialia Blondes Island in Maldives project," says Louisa Edwards, producer at Current Sponge.

According to her, Sam Branson himself is taking an active part in the creation of the film on Olialia Blondes. He become one of the partners in the project of the Blondes Island in Maldives. "I like challenges and crazy ideas which can rock the world, which are interesting to many people, therefore we decided to join the Blondes Isle project and to shoot a TV show on this unique resort together with Olialia girls," Sam Branson, owner of Current Sponge, says. By order of Olialia Group, Olialia luxury resort project was drafted by the famous architect Valerij Starkovskij. The form of the island should resemble a high-heeled shoe. Following the concept of the resort, all serving personnel will be only blonde. According to Pukiene, the tourists to the Blondes Island will be brought by the airlines Olialia Sky Airlines, where the flight attendants and pilots will also be only blondes.

"The island will host several hotels (the original plan is to build 61 villa, later the number should reach 500), a night club, entertainment and spa centres, harmony and psychology centre, a yacht quay, promenades, a shopping centre, a helicopter landing site. Hotels, restaurants and service centres services will be provided by the best known world's companies; we will soon start accepting applications," says representative of Olialia.

Soon the global competition for the post of Head of the Blondes Island will be announced. "At the moment, we are finishing setting the competition rules, any country's resident will have a chance to participate in it," says Olialia Group manager Giedre Pukiene. A few years ago, the Lithuanian Blondes Movement created the brand "Olialia" and in short time achieved impressive results: "Olialia" brand, operating in 75 business sectors, is known to 81.8% of Lithuanians (which had been found out after carrying out a public opinion survey).

"Olialia" brand is best known to the young generation and middle-aged people. As much as 99.3% of the age group of 20-29 years know the brand, in the age group of 30-39 years – 89.7%. If we evaluated the brand in terms of sales and provided services, Lithuanian people first of all associate the brand with the blonde girls Olialia (as 63% of the interviewed said). Today, Olialia Group is developing business in 75 sectors. The company specializes in food industry (soft drinks, dairy products, confectionary, ice cream), the group own a publishing house, model, concert agency, the pop band Olialia Pupytes, pizzeria chain Olialia Pizza, entertainment and information website, the company is engaged in jewelry and accessories business, in computer production, has a discount card Olialia Maestro, provides car and yacht services, owns a plastic surgery clinic and many more.

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