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Blond Ambition: Hotel Hires Only the Fair-Haired

If white sand beaches and turquoise waters weren't enough, a new resort is promising to turn your tropical paradise into utopia by adding blond models. Lots of blond models.

In fact, the proposed resort in the remote Maldives plans to employ only beautiful blond models.

A Lithuanian company, the Olialia Group, hopes to open the resort on a yet-to-be-named island by 2015.

Part of the idea behind the resort is to show that blonds aren't dumb -- there will be an education center called "Pretty Women" that will teach female guests always to be perfect and look great -- and part of the mission is to create a paradise for men who just like being surrounded by beautiful, young blondes.

Olialia -- pronounced "ooh-la-la," also is planning to create a new airline and yacht service to serve the guests. And yes, plans call for blondes working there, too.

"Blondes are a great power that should not be underestimated," Olialia's Giedre Pukiene told the Maldives Traveller. "We are smart, beautiful, reckless and purposeful."

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This is hardly the first time that a company has tried to attract guests with sexy women. Las Vegas poolsare filled with gorgeous cocktail waitresses. There's even a Hooter's Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, and Playboy once had resorts across the country.

Still, this resort is clearly "unconventional," said John Bowen, dean of the Conrad N. Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management at the University of Houston.

"One of the things they say is that they want to show that blondes aren't dumb and they are going to bring in an extremely skilled set of employees to try and prove that," Bowen said. "But on the other hand, if you have them wearing provocative clothing and they're all models, that might create the perception that it's for more of a male sex tourist-type of crowd."

Maldives Tropical Resort Looks to Hire Only blond Models

One of the challenges, he said, is to manage the expectation of men who might assume that the women are there to offer services beyond providing fresh towels and serving food.

Another problem could be getting couples to come to the resort in the Maldives, a group of more than 1,000 islands in the Indian Ocean.

Bowen said the concept could work for a short guy's weekend getaway, but most people flying all the way to the isolated Maldives probably would want to go with their significant other.

"They probably are not going to be too excited about you taking them to a blondes-only resort," he said. "If it's strictly a female staff, they would have a real challenge in bringing couples out to the Maldives."

Olialia operates plenty of businesses, including beauty clinics, Italian restaurants, modeling agencies, credit cards, computer accessories, car rentals and even a news agency. All employ blondes.

"I don't know who the company thinks it's kidding when it claims the hiring policy is designed to debunk blond stereotypes. The exploitative policy is offensive to both women and the local population," said Elie Seidman, CEO of travel review site

"There is, obviously, no correlation between being blond and good or bad at hotel service," he added.

Local laws require a certain percentage of the staff to be Maldives citizens. It's unclear if they will have to dye their hair blond to work at the resort.

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