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Billionaire Abhishek Verma Join Hands With Mr J.M. Joshi(Guthka King)

Updated: Oct 25, 2018

Billionaire Abhishek Verma and Gutka King JM Joshi
Billionaire Abhishek Verma and Gutka King JM Joshi

Visit of Olialia World management Mr Abhishek Verma, Mrs Anca Verma and Mr JM Joshi as well as other executives and advisors at Olialia Pan Masala factory in Faridabad

Vazir Pan Masala belongs to the Olialia World, which is a reputed FMCG Multi National Company in Europe and launching its first product line in India. Olialia Group has launched its joint venture in India with the Verma Family and is in the process of rolling out Olialia Cola, Cigarettes, Alcoholic Beverages, Debit Cards, Bollywood Movies & Olialia Music Group for Asia and other countries.

The company partnered with Mr JM Joshi of JMJ Group which is a brand name in the field of perfumery industry to challenge the old age perfumery and tobacco companies in the country selling their product for more than a decade.

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