Abhishek Verma Chief Guest at Pugmark Tiger Care Foundation ~ Anca Verma Felicitated

Indian Business Tycoon Mr Abhishek Verma and his wife Mrs Anca Verma received Honors at the International Human Rights Awards 2018. 

Billionaire Tycoon Abhishek Verma, Hon’ble Chief Evangelist of Oliala World, a reputed European FMCG Brand and his wife Mrs Anca Verma (recently ranked 4th richest Indian Women) were the Guest at the International Human Rights Awards organized under the banner of Pugmark Tiger Care Foundation.

Famous Designers and models walked the ramp to show their support to this cause including Umesh Dutt, Amit Talwar to name a few. Followed the show forward Business Women and Social Activist Mrs Anca Verma, Chairperson, Olialia World and wife of Indian Business Tycoon Mr Abhishek Verma received Business Women Award 2018

The Event studded by many known faces from Social ,Media,Fashion and Glamour Industry. The event organized to spread message to conserve Tigers and preserve Tigers in India and dedicated to conservation of precious wildlife species.

Pugmark Tiger Care Foundation launched in 2014 in New Delhi to create awareness among people to save tigers through organizing various events regularly with involving many well known faces from different industry who shows their support to this noble cause.The sudden lack in the number of living Tigers in India led the initiation of this cause, the alarming situation tends to be more critical if government and conservationist takes no action onto it.


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