A TRAVEL firm wants to open a holiday isle staffed entirely by blonde girls.

There won't be a brunette in sight among the receptionists, waitresses, managers, beauticians, entertainers and casino staff.

The flights to the Maldives island will have blonde pilots and air hostesses.

And even the yachts ferrying guests from the airport to their Indian Ocean getaway will also be crewed by - yes, you've guessed it - blonde girls.

Lithuanian company Olialia - pronounced Ooh-la-la - has announced plans to open the resort by 2015.

But islanders in the Muslim-dominated Maldives, where most have dark hair, accused the firm of being racist. Maldivian news website Minivan has been inundated with protests. One critic said: "Why do we have to have it in the Maldives?" Latvian journalist Sanita Jemberga wrote: "Sex sells.

Their unique selling point is blonde Baltic women and sex." But Olialia says its philosophy is to show blondes can be powerful in business and overcome their "dumb" reputation. Managing director Giedre Pukiene - who is, unsurprisingly, a blonde - said: "We should not be underestimated. We are smart, beautiful, reckless and purposeful.

"Two years of active developments in Lithuania have proved our capabilities.

"The island of blondes will appear in the Maldives in 2015. It will be paradise on earth."

However Olialia could run into trouble as Maldives rules state resorts must employ 50 per cent local staff. The blondes-only rule could also break EU employment laws.


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