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A Swanky Vacation Spot Will Be Staffed by Blondes Only

In today's you've-got-to-be-kidding-me news, a Lithuanian firm has plans to open a resort on a private island in the Maldives, and it's to be staffed solely by blond women.

Olialia (pronounced ooh-la-la, no joke), the firm behind the controversial plan, is set to open the resort in 2015.

Female guests will be offered the opportunity to head to an on-site education center, where they'll learn "how to always be perfect and look great." Groan. As you can imagine, the plans, which could be construed as sexist, discriminatory, and feeding into stereotypes, aren't going over very well. Not to mention the fact that local laws state that at least 50 percent of the staff must be residents of the community — a group that is not naturally flaxen-haired.

Still, the company finds no problems with the plan and insists that it isn't just about looks. "Our girls [the staff] are very smart and they have degrees. All of them want to do something with their lives. They have lots of business ideas," said Olialia's Giedre Pukiene. Your thoughts?

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