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4 out of 5 Lithuanians aware of Olialia trademark

Updated: Oct 25, 2018

Study revealed that 81.8% of Lithuanian respondents were aware of Olialia, Lithuanian trademark covering 75 business areas. The study carried out by market research company TNS Gallup revealed, that the awareness of Olialia trademark increased by 15% in 2009, as compared to 2008.

The study also revealed that Olialia trademark was best known to young people and people of middle age. 99.3% of 20-29 years old people and 89.7% of 30-39 years old people indicated being aware of the trademark, writes ELTA/LETA.

Olialia trademark was mostly known to people with secondary, higher and highest educations – 89.9, 84.5 and 82.3% respectively.

Food products marked by Olialia trademark were mostly known to 8-19 years old respondents. One fifth of all the respondents indicated being aware of the soft drink Olialia Cola, every tenth participant of the study indicated Olialia ice cream, while the Olialia trademark itself was known to 85.9% of 8-19 years old respondents.

Evaluating the overall awareness of Olialia goods and services, on hearing the Olialia name, people first of all thought about Olialia girls (63%), Olialia calendar (56.5%) and daily newspaper Vakaro Zinios (45.9%).

In 2009, the awareness of Olialia calendars increased by 8%, Olialia maestro payment cards – by 5%, as compared to the year 2008.

Olialia trademark belongs to the company Respublikos leidiniai. Such products as Olialia Cola, Olialia Cola Ledai, italian food restaurants Olialia pizza, Olialia Computers, Olialia Aksesuarai, internet portal, luxuriuos limousines Olialia Limo, Olialia Limo and Olialia beauty clinic are marked by the Olialia brand.

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